Thursday, May 8, 2014

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume

This has to be the most incredible perfume of all time. I fell in love with the fragrance before I had even smelt it. Crazy I know but I knew from reading reviews and the ingredients involved that this was my dream perfume in a pretty gold bottle. At the time of discovering this perfume thanks to Lily Melrose I wasn't able to find it in Sydney and went on a mission to find it being that it was the only thing I talked about for months. Finally Estee Lauder in David Jones got some in stock and a friend of mine got me a sample. It was love at first sniff and was all I could think about. However at $100 dollars a bottle and saving like crazy for my Europe Holiday at first I just could not make the purchase. With a chat to mum and a walk around the shop the purchase was made and I have not looked back. 

The Perfume includes notes of coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, myrrh, amber, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, orange, tiare flower, jasmine, magnolia, orange blossom and lavender. The most dominant smell for me however is the Coconut and the vanilla. This perfume simply reminds me of being at the beach or being on holidays and is a great pick me up for those days when I am stuck in the office. It is one of those fragrances that lingers and really sticks to the skin. Nothing makes me love a scent more then when someone notices it. One of the first times I wore it was going out with some friends and when one of my guy friends jumped in the car and said you smell incredible what are you wearing it really does put a big smile on my face. 

This Perfume has become a staple and yes it is dominantly a summer perfume but I will be wearing this all year round to keep away the winter blues. 


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