Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 things that made me smile this week

This week has been a crazy week of birthdays, job opportunities and redecorating my over cluttered room. I feel like I haven't stopped in weeks and finally my body is telling me to stop, relax and enjoy the Easter long weekend that's coming. The little things have really made me smile this week and most of that has been sitting back and watching my friends and family go about their normal lives around me. This weekend will be filled with chocolate, laughter and hopefully a sunny Monday afternoon spent watching the football ( league) with my dad and sister. However here are the 5 things that made me smile the most.

  1. Looking through old family photos to put a beautiful photo book together for my Nan for a very special birthday.As I was going through the photos I love knowing that I have an amazing friendship with my family and at Christmas my sister and cousin joked that we are cousins by blood but friends by choice and it couldn't explain it any better.
  2. Chatting with my Contiki friends and going through the photos makes me want to do it all over again and makes me very nostalgic specially with the cold weather coming. Here is a photo of my amazing travel buddies Instagram.
  3. Visiting my Nan for her birthday yesterday my mum, my two sisters and I all managed to end up at my grandparents place at the same time with my pop home from work to enjoy some afternoon tea. It was like fate wanted us all there together. 
  4. My Make up career is leading me in a direction that I never thought I would be going in. It is really nice to be able to see people encouraging and supporting this and it makes so grateful that I have some truly incredible people around me and that my skills don't go unnoticed.
  5. My beautiful clean bedroom makes me feel so happy and relaxed at home and I have enjoyed nothing more then coming home to my bedroom, lighting a candle and hopping into bed with a good movie or tv show.
 What made you smile this week? :)

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