Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 and a half weeks of bliss

My year defiantly started off with a bang, 9 countries in 3 and a half weeks was a wild adventure filled with laughter, booze and broken wardrobes. Taking the leap and travelling to Europe alone for a 16 day Contiki tour was one of the scariest decisions I decided to make in 2013 and turned out to be the most amazing decision I could make. 

Travelling alone is nothing new to me. I moved to London at 18 to work as an Au Pair and discovered that travelling alone gave me the freedom to do and see what I liked with out the restrictions of others. However travelling on a tour alone is slightly different as you aren't travelling alone but with 30 odd other people who are all thrown onto a bus and hope that you all can get along. 

Fortunately for me I meet some truly incredible people and took some amazing shoots.



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  4. so brave that you went on your own! That first photo is amazing X