Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Around the world .001

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Travelling for me has become second nature. I have been travelling from such a small age that planes, airports and living out of a suitcase is nothing new to me. Growing up with parents who love to travel meant that every year we were off on a new adventure and I was hit with the travel bug hard. I am the type of person who will be sitting at the airport ready to take off on my holiday and be already planning the next one. 

By the time I had finished high school I had been to Bali, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Cruise through the pacific islands and of course a large amount of the east coast of Australia. Since then I have lived in London and done quiet a bit of travel throughout Europe and a small trip to Hawaii. 

Everything about travel excites me from the food, culture and mostly the people. From this my travel experience has grow and so have my stories. My first ever blog series you will get a look into old family holidays photos all the way through to my current travel adventures and see why I have fallen in love with travel.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Everyday Makeup Bag

My everyday make up bag is something that I can pull out when I am half asleep on a monday morning before I jump on a train to work but will still give me that flawless put together look. As a make up artist myself I have tired and tested so many different products and I am finally content with my daily routine. 

Having just gotten back from Europe and spending just under a month living out of a suitcase my daily items have been reduced and fit perfectly in to my Ted Baker make up bag ( a little splurge in Selfridges during my trip) and includes some new products which I could not wait to get my hands on when I was in London.

Myself when it comes to my everyday make up I like to keep it light and fresh. I have naturally quiet dry sensitive skin so I lean towards a light dewy coverage particular when my skin is behaving. The Bourjois Happy Light Primer and Foundation (Vanilla Rose) have been my Holy grail team since the beginning of the year. With its bendable formula which I apply with my real techniques buffing brush gives my skin and healthy radiant glow and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. For weekends I love my Garnier BB cream its simple and quick and perfect when I am running out the door. With a touch of Collection concealer and a swipe of my Rimmel stay matte powder down the T zone keeps everything set in place for the day.

Bronzer is an everyday must for me to my skin that healthy glow. Thin Lizzy 8 in 1 powder is a product people love to hate however I am now currently on my 4th or 5th one of these and I feel lost when I don't have any. I even keep one in my handbag for touch ups through out the day. For me I use this product as an all over face bronzer to warm up the face and neck  to give a glow and to help eliminate a little redness. My rose gold Sleek blush is a new purchase and I fell in love instantly. A beautiful pink/ peach with gold tones to help give a beautiful glow when placed on the cheeks and blended up along my cheekbones. A highly pigmented blush and not for those who don't love shimmer. 

My eyes I like to keep simple and most days I rely on some liquid eyeliner, eyelash curler and a great mascara. When I feel like I need to dress it up a little more or need to brighten my eyes up I turn to my colour tattoos in particular my barely branded which works as a great base when paired with my favourite Rimmel in smokey quartz. Alone or together these products are easy to apply and can be blended out in seconds. There is only two products that I have been using on my lips recently and these are my Soap and Glory mother pucker and my Clairns Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter. Both beautiful pink shades that taste and smell as good as they look.

What products are a must in your daily routine?


Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 and a half weeks of bliss

My year defiantly started off with a bang, 9 countries in 3 and a half weeks was a wild adventure filled with laughter, booze and broken wardrobes. Taking the leap and travelling to Europe alone for a 16 day Contiki tour was one of the scariest decisions I decided to make in 2013 and turned out to be the most amazing decision I could make. 

Travelling alone is nothing new to me. I moved to London at 18 to work as an Au Pair and discovered that travelling alone gave me the freedom to do and see what I liked with out the restrictions of others. However travelling on a tour alone is slightly different as you aren't travelling alone but with 30 odd other people who are all thrown onto a bus and hope that you all can get along. 

Fortunately for me I meet some truly incredible people and took some amazing shoots.